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Benevo Dog - a very tasty premium vegetarian pet food that hardly a dog can resist!
Benevo Dog Organic is manufactured from a special, wheat free recipe and is therefore ideal for dogs who have trouble digesting wheat.

The rich, of course vegetarian ingredients combined with the aroma of brewer's yeast guarantee a tasty meal.

Benevo dog is free of genetically modified ingredients, colors and preservatives. It is specially tailored for the needs of dogs with added vitamins and minerals. It also has probiotic oligofructose, for a healthy digestion.

Benevo Dog covers the nutritional needs of a healthy, adult dog!

Ingredients: soy, maize, rice, sunflower oil, peas, sugar beet, brewer's yeast, vegetable pomace* , oligofructose, minerals, vitamins
* vegetable pomace: This is the fibrous part of vegetables which remains after the juice is extracted. It contains carrots, celery, beetroot, parsley, lettuce, watercress and spinach.

Nutritional facts:
crude protein 21%
crude fiber 3.5 %
crude fat 10%
crude ash 4%

vitamins and minerals per kg:
vitamin A 15,000 IU
vitamin D2 1,500 IU
vitamin E 80 IU
copper (as copper sulphate) 16 mg