Benevo Pawtato Knots Small, 150g

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Product picture Benevo Pawtato Knots Small
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Benevo Pawtato Knots

Wheat and soy free vegan dog chew treats - ideal for small dogs. This knotted dog chew is a perfect vegetable-based alternative to chew toys made from animal skins. Shaped like a small sweet potato, they are an irresistible ethical chew treat for any dog.

Benevo® Pawtato knots are purely vegetable treats made from natural ingredients, completely free of genetic engineering and include, despite their attractive orange appearance, no artificial flavorings or colors.

Made without meat, fish, milk, eggs, wheat of soy

Contains beta-carotene; a natural antioxidant, thanks to the high fiber content is good for digestion and contains vitamin C for the strengthening of the immune system of the dog. With 0.5% fat content, this is a low-fat treat!

Not suitable for very small dogs under the age of four months.

sweet potato flour, rice flour.

Nutritional information:
raw protein 3%, raw fat 0.5%, raw fiber 0.5%, raw ash 1%.