BioVegan Whip Cream Stabilizer 4x, 18g

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Product picture BioVegan Whip Cream Stabilizer 4x
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Ideal for preparing vegan whipped cream, cream cakes or creamy ice cream. Sahnesteif is the alternative to all artificial/chemical whip cream stabilizers. Made with organic starch, it achieves optimal results. BioVegan whip cream stabilizer also works well for your fruit pies and prevents the crust from turning soggy. Simply distribute BioVegan Sahnesteif on the crust evenly and add your filling.

Ingredients: corn starch*, potato starch*, powdered sugar*

Nutritional information per 100g:
energy KJ / kcal: 1583 KJ / 378 kcal
protein: 0.3g
carbohydrates: 92.8g
- sugar: 31.0g
fat: 0.1g
- saturated Fat: 0.0g
sodium: 0,005 mg
dietary fiber: 0.1g