Chicza Lime Chewing Gum, 30g

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Product picture Chicza Lime Chewing Gum
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Chicza is traditionally made with the natural gum base chicle and is a certified, fair trade, 100% biodegradable chewing gum.

When it comes to chewing gum, there has been no real alternative to synthetic based products on the market. The gum base, "chicle"", is obtained from the juice of the manilkara zapota tree, commonly known as the sapodilla, and harvested directly from the cooperative in Mexico. This makes the product particularly fair, because the profits stay in the country.

Chicza is currently available in four different flavors: mint, lime, Spearmint and cinnamon. All varieties have a refreshingly natural flavor, are purely vegetable and 100% biodegradable.

Ingredients: powdered cane sugar syrup*, Chicle gum base*, fructose*, agave syrup*, natural lime flavor*. (* Ingredients of certified sustainable origin)