Spelt Muffins Chocolate, 300g

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Product picture Spelt Muffins Chocolate
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Only ingredients from controlled organic cultivation are used in Bauckhof baking mixes. Additives or flavor enhancers are not in the bag.

These spelt chocolate muffins are quick and easy to make. The cake mix makes 10 vegan muffins.

Preparation time: 5 minutes, Baking time: 25 minutes, Add: 100 g margarine and 100 ml of Water, rice, soy or oat milk,
Ingredients: spelt flour T630* 79%, raw cane sugar, grated bittersweet chocolate 15% (cane sugar*, cocoa mass*, cocoa butter*, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin), corn starch*, baking powder (baking powders: sodium hydrogen carbonate, acidulant: potassium hydrogen tartrate, corn starch*), cocoa powder*, spelt flour*, sea salt, Bourbon vanilla*. * Controlled organic farming

This product may contain traces of other cereals containing gluten, nuts, celery, sesame and soya. You can vary this cake mix, such as by adding 50g chopped hazelnuts, 125g frozen or fresh fruit or 50g grated coconut to the finished cake batter.
Or try adding different spices for a new flavor each time.