Jeezano Cheese Topping Alternative, 75g

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The Vegourmet Jeezano is our interpretation of a vegan alternative to grated parmesan, simple and delicious, with many natural high quality ingredients, such as the Flor de Sal in place of table salt, as well as yeast flakes, which are by nature rich in natural B vitamins. Our Jeezano is made, apart from the flavor, completely without synthetic additives. Jeezano is soy free, gluten free and made with sustainable, regional ingredients and flor de Sal from the Atlantic.

None of the raw materials comes from overseas. Packaged in glass and metal, in a conscious effort to steer clear of plastics.

By the way, - who would have thought? Mixed with a certain amount of water or oat drink/soy drink (approx. 350 ml to 75 gram Jeezano) and briefly brought to a boil, our cheese alternative makes a fantastic vegan cheese sauce - maybe add a bit of margarine! And with less liquid (approx. 250 ml to 75 gram Jeezano) a glass of Jeezano creates a super flavorful, creamy dip for sliced vegetable and nachos!

Jeezano from Vegourmet - the vegan alternative for true connoisseurs!
Ingredients: corn flour, nutritional yeast, starch, flor de sal, aroma.

Nutrition Facts Jeezano/100g:
Energy 1324kJ/314kcal
Carbohydrates 55,6g
from that sugars 0,9g
Protein 12g
Fat 2,6g
from that saturated 0,36g
Salt: 4,3g

gluten free! soy free! GMO free!