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The Kuzu plant that grows in China, Japan, Taiwan and India. The root is used to produce a valued starch which gives food a thick consistency and silvery sheen. Ideal for use in soups, sauces, desserts and cake fillings!

For ½ l liquid, crush a teaspoon of Kuzu and stir with a bit of water. Add to the liquid, bring to a boil and, while stirring bring to the boil once again. Kuzu can also, as in Japan, be used to add a crunchy finish: simply sprinkle on vegetables or Tofu before sliding them into the oven, and you'll get a nice golden brown and crispy finish.

Thanks to its positive effect, Kuzu replaces industrial binders. Traditional oriental medicine uses Kuzu as a household remedy for diarrhea, initial flu or cold symptoms, headache, malaise, stomach and intestinal pain, and lack of appetite.

Ingredients: starch obtained from the root of the kuzu plant pueraria lobata. From organic cultivation. Gluten free. Wheat free.

Recipe for vegan dumplings:
* 25g margarine at room temperature, whip with a fork,
add 80g semolina, mix, add salt and grated nutmeg to taste.

* 50ml soy drink, take 3-4 Tbsp from it, mix in a slightly heaped Tsp Kuzu, stir until it is dissolved completely, and slowly add to the semolina mixture. Finally add the remaining soy milk and beat well. Rest for about 15 minutes. With two teaspoons form little dumplings, and cook them in slightly boiling salted water about 15 minutes. Serve in vegetable broth, sprinkled with chives - they are so good!
Makes approx. 12 dumplings.