Rapunzel Cashew Creme, 250g

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Product picture Rapunzel Cashew Creme
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This Cashew cream is mildly aromatically, creamy and marvelously spreadable. It contains 68% freshly roasted cashews.

Ingredients: cashew* (68%), palm oil* unhardened, Cristallino cane sugar*, Rapadura whole cane sugar*, sea salt*
* = ingredients from ecological farming,
** = ingredients from biodynamic cultivation

Production: The cashews carefully roasted and are freshly ground in the house Rapunzel. They are then combined with the other ingredients and made into marvelously tender melting cream.
Use: As spread on bread, for refining sweet foods or as pastry filling (e.g. Croissants, Crêpes)
Note: The HAND IN HAND project is a company-owned fair trade program. The fundamental conviction behind it is that economic and social sustainability needs - go 'hand in hand'. The HAND IN HAND project links therefore the thought of fair trade with that of ecological agriculture.
Storage: The consistency is temperature dependent. At room temperature it is creamy, in the refrigerator it is firm.