Rapunzel Almond Creme, 250g

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Product picture Rapunzel Almond Creme
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A tender melting cream with 57% freshly roasted almonds, lightly sweetened. As a spread, for use in sweet foods or as pastry filling (e.g. Croissants, Crêpes)

Ingredients: almonds* (57%), palm oil* non-hydrogenated, almond meal* (8%), Cristallino cane sugar*, Rapadura whole cane sugar*, sea salt * = from ecological cultivation, ** = from biodynamic cultivation

Production: Select almonds are freshly roasted in the house Rapunzel and with the addition of exquisite ingredients prepared to a tender melting cream.
Use: As a spread, for enhancing sweet foods or as pastry filling (e.g. Croissants, Crêpes)
Storage information: The consistency is temperature-dependent. At room temperature it is creamy, stored in the refrigerator it will be firm.