Schönenberger Choco Bar Rice Milk Hazelnut, 28g

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Product picture Schönenberger Choco Bar Rice Milk Hazelnut
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Schönenberger Choco Bar Rice Milk HazelnutOrganic light chocolate with nut creme filling. Vegan.

Delicious 100% plant based chocolate bar, filled with fine nut creme - nougat delights, which nobody can resist.

Ingredients: cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, dried rice glucose syrup 12.5%*, palm oil*, hazelnuts* 8.3%, cocoa mass*, powdered sugar*, sea salt*, vanilla beans*, sunflower oil*.
* certified organic cultivation.
cocoa: cat least 29%
cane sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, vanilla beans comply with Fair Trade standards. total: 70%.

Allergy notice: May contain traces of milk, nuts and seeds, and peanuts.