Soy Villets Classic, 200g

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Product picture Soy Villets Classic
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The new reference for ragout of any kind, kebabs or seared from the pan. The convincing structure, fine taste and delicate tender texture convince even omnivores.

Preparation: Simply marinate in Vegourmet "Wiener mixture", " Wild Wild West" or just a vegetable stock (lukewarm) for about 30 minutes, press out the excess liquid and prepare.
Ingredients: soybean flour, water, salt. GMO free. Gluten free. VEGAN

The benefits:
* Vitamin A, B1, B2, E and folic acid, calcium, magnesium, lecithin
* high-quality vegetable protein with all essential amino acids
* Important isoflavones, dietary fiber, and trace elements
* polyunsaturated fatty acids
* purely vegetable based, vegan, gluten free, cholesterol free
* very affordable, easy and quick preparation
* Store unrefrigerated at least 18 months
* Versatile in application
* Low fat and rich in valuable vegetable protein
* produced without genetically modified ingredients