Vegourmet 'Chickin Luck', 140g

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Product picture Vegourmet 'Chickin Luck'
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Forget everything what you know about dry mixes: This soy dry mix, made with protein from soy concentrate and soy isolate excels in digestibility, economy and its simple, quick preparation. The winner in consistency: where other burger mixes fall apart, the Vegourmet mixes hold together for juicy burgers, meatballs or, cevapcici, which could even convince a meat eater. You can add fresh herbs or onions or if you like it spicy a bit a chili. The approximately 400 grams (depending on water addition) of ready mix is enough for a small family as a main meal.

Not only the chickens are laughing! This product also has a tasty, pleasant basic taste, and can easily be adapted for different dishes - Asian, Italian or Oriental. Or just mix with water and enjoy as seasoned.

140g dry mix results in approx. 400g burger mix

Ingredients: soy concentrate (50 %) soy isolate (16 %) GMO free, non-hydrogenated vegetable fat, potato flakes, onion powder, thickener carrageenan, plant protein, parsley, spices, vegan aroma.

Preparation: mix contents with 250 ml of water, mix well, let sit for 5 minutes, form burgers and cook.