Vegourmet Jeezini Santi, 200g

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Product picture Vegourmet Jeezini Santi
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The classic and best-seller in sliced perfection. Santeciano portioned for sandwiches, but also for a quick and tasty toast, - perhaps with Vegourmet cold cuts. Santeciano, new flavor and improved - a pleasure for every occasion.

Ingredients: water, vegetable oils, (23 %), starch, modified starch, sea salt, emulsifiers polyphosphates and sodium citrate, vegan aroma, ascorbic acid as preservative, coloring: beta carotene.

nutritional facts per 100g:
calories 1190kj/285 kcal
protein 0.0 g
carbohydrates 20g
fat 23 g - saturated fatty acids: 11g

Gluten free!

This is a perishable product - we recommend ordering an ice pack for safe shipping!