Vegourmet Bianco, 400g

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Without exaggeration: The first bite into a piece Bianco is a revelation - and a bit later the realization: if only I could stop!

Bianco melts on the tongue in a cloud reminiscent of muenster cheese, with an added note of parmesan. Sweet, buttery, creamy. It is ideal wherever Mozzarella is used - on Pizza, toast, gratin, together with tomatoes or enjoyed cold on a nice dark bread. We think: the Bianco is our best cheese alternative creation. A must try!

100% vegan, lactose and cholesterol free, low fat.

Highest quality alternative to various hard cheeses. Meltable.

Ingredients: water, vegetable oils and fats (27 %), potato starch, stabilizers E1450 and E1404, sea salt, polyphosphates E452, vegan flavors, sorbic acid as a preservative.

gluten free!

Nutritional values per 100g:
calories 1190kj/285 kcal
protein 0.0 g
carbohydrates 20g
fat 23g

This is a perishable product - we recommend ordering an ice pack for safe shipping!