Vegourmet Grandma's Best Gravy Mix, 250g

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Product picture Vegourmet Grandma's Best Gravy Mix
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Dark gravy, 100% vegetable based.

At long last, a dark gravy base, which tastes the same as it did at grandma's house. Purely vegetable, one hundred percent free of MSG, GMOs, yeast, and with zero percent fat. It is manufactured from high quality vegetable ingredients. A mixture of vegetable starch, salt, onions and carrots with a touch of vegan aroma, which give our gravy that special touch that doesn't just satisfy vegans, but also omnivores. With its high yield not only one of the best, but also one of the most affordable vegan sauces on the market. With the Vegourmet seal of approval!

Ingredients: maltodextrin, salt, starch, vegan aroma, iodised salt, onions, carrots.

Preparation: 100 g/4 tablespoons to 1 liter of water. Add to water in a pot and briefly bring to a boil. Refine with garlic and roasted onions or spices. Extremely economical! 0% Glutamate, 0% fat, 0% yeast.

Nutritional facts per 100g:
energy: 1.20 kJ / 303 kcal,
protein: 8.6 g
carbohydrates: 66 g
fat: 0 g