Vitashine D3 Spray, 20ml

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Product picture Vitashine D3 Spray
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For the first time as food supplement and one hundred percent vegan – with the Vegan seal of the British Vegan Society, we now offer you here a high-potent product with concentrated vitamin D 3 from plant sources. In this spray form, it can be taken either with the food or directly on the tongue. 1-5 sprays are recommended daily, 20 ml a bottle contain about 150 sprays – thus holds at least enough for one month per person.

Natural plant sources would be avocados or mushrooms, however one would have to eat 150 gram of avocados or 300 gram of mushrooms each day, to ingest the daily dose required. Theoretically our bodies can build its own, provided we get sufficient exposure of sun on the skin.

D3 is among other things important for a healthy immune system, for the heart and cardiovascular systems, provides for healthy bones and teeth and a sunny disposition, alleviates pain and provides improvement of symptoms of many well-known illnesses. Vitamin D plays a substantial role in regulating the calcium levels in the blood, and with the building of bone. A vitamin D deficiency can cause rickets in children, and osteoporosis in adults.

Ingredients: Mono and diglycerides of fatty acids (from coconut), vitamin D3 rich lichen extract, natural antioxidant vitamin E (from soy).