Animals in Need

Together we can achieve a lot! How? It's easy! Here you can help animals in need with very little effort. You donate the food - and we pay the postage.
Product picture Erdlingshof
Your donation is sent to the Erdlingshof in Kollnburg / Germany, where currently 40 non-human animals live and a few humans who take care of them and also keep the sanctuary in shape.
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Product picture RespekTiere
Your donation will be shipped to RespekTiere in Salzburg. RespekTiere regularly organizes shipments to Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria etc.
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What our customers say about us
Felix Hnat, Environmental Economist, Vienna
Felix Hnat, Environmental Economist, Vienna In 10 years of animal rights work I became acquainted with Alf and Alexandra from as pioneers of the vegan idea. They are full of idealism, support our work and have a nose for the best products. Felix is chairman of the Vegan Society Austria
Did you know?

The transport of the packages takes place with environmentally friendly methods: We use DHL GoGreen. The packages in Austria are transported CO2-neutral.