Snack Sausages

For a quick snack! The vegan cold kitchen has two advantages: Light, because they are low in fat, and they keep well, because they are plant based. Even after a warm summer day in the backpack, they are still fit for consumption.
Product picture Spacebar Chorizo
Spacebar Chorizo, 40g ORGANIC, Available for immediate shipping
This Spanish sausage is a delicious vegetable snack for those little hunger pangs! Because it does not require refrigeration it is ideal for on the go!
1.29 EUR
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Product picture NEW
, 40g ORGANIC, Available for immediate shipping
1.19 EUR
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Product picture NEW
Currently not available
Swiss vegan sausage with typical smoky Viennese spices. This Swiss vegan sausage is the vegan choice to Wieners.
3.60 EUR
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Product picture Tofu King Curry Sausage
Tofu King Curry Sausage, 250g Currently not available
The ultimate veggie super fast food from Viana: the Tofu King, the curry sausage with real tofu sausage, spicy curry ketchup sauce and an added natural wooden fork.
3.99 EUR
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Chris Moser, Tyrol
Chris Moser, Tyrol Vegan! Because resistance cannot stop in our refrigerators! More about his work at »
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