Pre-Packaged Meals

In these fast-paced times, cooking sometimes takes a backseat. Many working people want to prepare something quickly at work or at home. These vegan alternatives for fast cuisine not only satisfy, but are also healthy.
Product picture Stews and Soups from Eden
Try our many varieties of EDEN stews. The high-quality ingredients are gently processed and cooked. The Eden products offer something for everyone.
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Product picture Potato Products
You can decide very easily which potato dish to bring to your table today. With fritters and dumplings we offer you delicious variations, which are guaranteed to always be a success - no matter whether you serve them as a main course or as a tasty side dish.
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Product picture Baking Mixes
Those who believe, cakes cannot be made without egg or cow milk products, have never tried the baking mixes from BauckHof.
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Product picture Soups and Sauces
With these soups and selected spices, mainly from organic cultivation, you can make your dishes so ingenious - your omnivore friends and acquaintances will no longer want to eat anywhere else.
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Product picture Vegan Mayonnaise and Ketchup
Vegetable mayonnaise: also an interesting product for people who consciously want to enjoy light and cholesterol-free meals. Have you ever tried our gourmet salads with vegan mayonnaise?
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Product picture Baking Supplies, Binders and Egg Replacers
With our carefully selected products and great tips, anyone can create a sweet vegan treat, that will have even omnivores begging for a second piece.
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Product picture Pizza and Pasta
Italian flavors and Mediterranean flair - with our Pizza and Pasta products.
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Product picture Spices and Spice Blends
Vegan cooking is fun - because it is creative. Those who are vegan, cook with passion, play with flavors, bathe in delights and can enjoy food without a guilty conscience.
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What our customers say about us
Mag. Thomas Winger MBA, Wien
Mag. Thomas Winger MBA, Wien Companies such as VEGANVERSAND are essential for „Veggies “in „normalo “ occupations, as an efficient source of cruelty free foods which can be relied upon. When those companies are operated by such endearing humans, then one gladly shops from them. Thomas works internationally as a business consultant and is the founder of United Creatures.
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With our select assortment we save storage space. Thus we can immediately process 99% of the orders we receive. For you as a customer that means: Browse our on-line shop, order and few days later take delight in your package.