Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

For your sweet tooth as well as people with a milk intolerance. Satisfy your cravings with a luscious piece of chocolate, sweets or delicious pastries, completely without animal-based ingredients.
Product picture Chocolate
Vegan life is an enrichment. The proof of this is in the current range of chocolate creations, from white to dark chocolates. Feast your way through our large assortment!
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Product picture Candy Bars
For those little cravings for something sweet. From bars with coconut, crispy nuts, to caramel.
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Product picture Cookies and Biscuits
Crispy, airy, crunchy delights, at home or on the road - whether with chocolate or without. Vegan pastries without milk components or eggs - a pleasure for individuals with milk allergies and vegans - without compromising taste!
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Product picture Fruit Gummies and Chewing Gums
No one needs gelatin for hard fingernail or healthy hair. But they taste great, gummy bears, cola bottles or other fruit gummies. Enjoy our plant-based alternatives to these treats - on the basis of fruit juice, agar-agar and apple pectin. Healthy and delicious!
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Product picture Dessert & Ice Creams
What can't be missing after a delicious vegan meal? Of course an equally delicious dessert. For large and small children!
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What our customers say about us
Mag. Thomas Winger MBA, Wien
Mag. Thomas Winger MBA, Wien Companies such as VEGANVERSAND are essential for „Veggies “in „normalo “ occupations, as an efficient source of cruelty free foods which can be relied upon. When those companies are operated by such endearing humans, then one gladly shops from them. Thomas works internationally as a business consultant and is the founder of United Creatures.
Did you know?

The transport of the packages takes place with environmentally friendly methods: We use DHL GoGreen. The packages in Austria are transported CO2-neutral.