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Cooking is one of the most pleasurable passtimes in the world – vegans are not food despisers. Thanks to the extensive assortment of purely vegetable based alternatives, nowadays there are practically no boundaries to the creativity in the kitchen.

With he following recipes, made with Vegourmet products, we want to give you a few suggestions – from traditional home cooking, tasty quick meals to inspirational delicacies.

By the way, we would love to see your creations with Vegourmet products! Don’t forget: Please send a photo of the cook along with a short description of the person, as well as a small picture of the dish, and a list of ingredients, so that our readers may recreate it at home. Send everything to Particularly great recipes will be published, and the sender will receives a little something from

Claudia Bazinger Claudia Bazinger,
Totally Veg
Alf Waibel Alf Waibel,
Product picture Vegan Pizza Snails
A wonderful, hearty Mediterranean recipe: Pizza delights for on the go. Freshly prepared they are a hit at any party, but are also make a great dinner along with a fresh salad.
Product picture Vegan Cheese Feet with Jeezano
A delicious crispy, cheesy alternative to mass produced treats from the supermarket. With the intense Jeezano flavor and a Mediterranean finish of rosemary.
Product picture Tortellini con pinoli e spinaci
An Italian summer night\\\'s dream with fresh spinach and the flavor of roasted pine nuts.
Product picture Tortellini Salad
Tortellini - a little different! A simple, light and yet very delicious tortellini salad with crunchy vegetables and fresh tomatoes.
Product picture Thai-Curry with Vegan Fish
Summery light and exotically fiery vegetable dish with vegan Vish. Easy to prepare. Serve with rice and enjoy with your circle of friends on warm summer nights.
Product picture Tortellini Au Gratin, Farmer Style
More than just tortellini: Treat your guest to a special meal with this Tortellini Au Gratin with a Jeezano finish! Serve with a fresh and crispy salad of the season for a light yet delicious meal.
Product picture Vegan Caesar Salad
A fresh light classic salad with crispy pieces of Vegourmet Lucky Nuggets Chickin Style, toasted whole grain bread cubes and Vegourmet Jeezano.
Product picture Creamy Asparagus Noodles with Chorico
A quick and light seasonal meal, with the lightness of the asparagus and the Mediterranean flair of the Vegourmet choricos - thanks to four different varieties, ranging from mild smokey to intense spicy flavor.
Product picture Filled Canneloni a la Vegourmet
A nice meal, great for guests: prepared relatively quickly, fills your kitchen with the aroma of Italian living and delights.
Product picture Soy Filets
The example of the soy vilets from Vegourmet shows clearly how easy it is, to prepare meals with our dried soy products.
Product picture Hearty Goulash
Clever vegan chefs can convince even the most committed omnivores: A hearty goulash created with our dry soy cubes and smoky sausage from Vegourmet.
Product picture Cheese Dumplings
An alemannic speciality, which is not only enjoyed in the wild west of Austria, but also in southern Germany and eastern Switzerland. Traditionally eaten on meat-free Friday, served with a beautiful potato salad.
Product picture Alemannic Bread Soup with Beer
This is a typical recipe from the economical Alemannics: Old bread is not thrown away, but dried, and used to make bread crumbs or in bread soup and other delicacies.
Alf Waibel Alf Waibel,
Product picture Creamy Mac and Cheese
Here a recipe for a pleasantly creamy noodle casserole, with a light cheesy and spicy flavor - however above all it is very delicious, and screams for seconds. Serve with a crisp salad.
Claudia Bazinger Claudia Bazinger,
Totally Veg
Product picture Spicy Couscous Salad
This dish can be eaten as a main course, with a crisp lettuce and crunchy bread, or also as spicy side dish served at a vegan barbeque. No matter, whom you serve it, this couscous salad knows how to impress!
Claudia Bazinger Claudia Bazinger,
Totally Veg
Product picture Pasta con Chorizo
The chorico is available in different varieties: From fiery to mild, there is something for every taste, and it is just right for those who yearn for a culinary vacations in the south.
Claudia Bazinger Claudia Bazinger,
Totally Veg
Product picture Pancakes with Cheese and Onions
Since the Vegourmet Santeciano itself already has a pleasant taste and with its harder consistency is perfect for grating, the idea of pancakes with cheese and onion was born, and in spite of the relatively simple recipe, they are a hit - Airy, spicy and hearty.
Claudia Bazinger Claudia Bazinger,
Totally Veg
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Product picture Mega Salami Sandwich
The smoky flavor of the sausage goes perfectly with the sour taste of the sauerkraut, and the creamy sauce adds a finishing touch. The sandwich is perfect as a quick dinner with a glass of beer, or as a snack for real men (or real women!).
Claudia Bazinger Claudia Bazinger,
Totally Veg