Thai-Curry with Vegan Fish

Thai-Curry with Vegan Fish
Heidi Rechberger
A vegetarian since her youth, Heidi runs one of the best vegan cooking blogs in Austria and now offers vegan cooking, baking, and grilling seminars to help for those who want to make the transition. Her motto is Indulgence instead of renouncement.
Summery light and exotically fiery vegetable dish with vegan Vish. Easy to prepare. Serve with rice and enjoy with your circle of friends on warm summer nights.



Peel onion and cut into small strips, peel and julienne the carrots. Add both to a hot wok with the coconut oil and cook for several minutes. Julienne the bell pepper and the zucchini, add to the pan along with the sugar peas. Cut the fish nuggets into strips, and add to pan. Cook for a bit. The vegetables should still be crunchy. Now add the curry paste, coconut cuisine, briefly heat, and season. Then serve with rice and sprinkle with basil.