Filled Canneloni a la Vegourmet

Filled Canneloni a la Vegourmet
Alf Waibel
Recipe by Alf Waibel
Connoisseur and passionate cook, vegan cowboy from the wild west of Austria and always on the lookout for new vegan delicacies. Vegan for 20 years, for ethical reasons.
A nice meal, great for guests: prepared relatively quickly, fills your kitchen with the aroma of Italian living and delights.


4 servings


Preparation Time: 50 minutes

Prepare the filling. Use Vegourmet Burger Dream, a basic burger mix, which is great for burger, cevapcici or as a substitute for ground meat in pasta sauces. To vary the recipe, you can use any of our burger mixes such as Texas Summer, Chickin Luck, Barbeque Style or even Balkan BBQ.

Mix the contents of the package with 250 ml of water, add the chopped onion, grated carrot, basil. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Let sit for 10 min, then stir the mix again with a fork or your hands.

In the meantime, prepare the tomato sauce. Heat the onions in olive oil, add the can of cubed tomatoes and a bit of water. Refine with salt, pepper, freshly minced garlic, dried herbs. Add the fresh basil at the end.

Fill the dry cannelloni with the burger mix, and lay them side by side in an oven-proof casserole dish. Cover with the tomato sauce and sprinkle grated cheese about 1 cm thick. Bake at 180° C for about 30-40 minutes. With a fork, check the cannelloni. Remove from the oven, let cool a bit, then serve with a green or mixed salad. Buon Appetito!