Mega Salami Sandwich

Mega Salami Sandwich
Claudia Bazinger
Recipe by Claudia Bazinger
I am vegan, because no animal should suffer for my enjoyment. Recipes and ideas for the vegan lifestyle can be found on my blog.
The smoky flavor of the sausage goes perfectly with the sour taste of the sauerkraut, and the creamy sauce adds a finishing touch. The sandwich is perfect as a quick dinner with a glass of beer, or as a snack for real men (or real women!).


2 servings (or one - for a very hungry person)

For Thousand Island dressing:


Preparation Time: approx. 15 minutes

Heat the salami in a pan or the grill. Cut the bread in the middle and press the avocado on the bottom half, top with garlic powder. Add the salami, pickle slices and sauerkraut, pour on the sauce. Cover with the other half of the bread and cut in half. Serve immediately

For Thousand Island Dressing:
Mix all ingredients until smooth. Let sit for a while. You can use the left over dressing for french fries, as dip for vegetables, nachos, or wraps.