Hearty Goulash

Hearty Goulash
Alf Waibel
Recipe by Alf Waibel
Connoisseur and passionate cook, vegan cowboy from the wild west of Austria and always on the lookout for new vegan delicacies. Vegan for 20 years, for ethical reasons.
Clever vegan chefs can convince even the most committed omnivores: A hearty goulash created with our dry soy cubes and smoky sausage from Vegourmet.


4 servings


Preparation Time: 60 minutes

Cut onions, carrots, pepper and smoke sausage into small cubes. Sauté in a pot with a high quality oil.

Add the canned tomatoes and sauté a little longer then and the cubes soy. Pour in the water or broth - can be more than 1/2 liter and season to taste with salt and pepper.

When it cooks add the paprika. Not too much, otherwise the goulash can become bitter.

Important: Cook the goulash with small flame and without a lid for at least 1 hour – until the liquid is reduced and the soy cubes become tender. When the soy cubes have a good tender consistency, season with broth powder and fresh pressed garlic to taste, let cook for a bit longer then remove the pot from the heat.

Variations: Add two cubed potatoes, then the goulash thickens, or add sauerkraut at the end of the cooking process for a hearty „Székely version“. Genuine gourmets finish the goulash by adding red wine. Good goulash is eaten only with a hearty piece bread
On a side not: Refrigerator over night, the flavors meld and the goulash tastes even better when warmed up the next day. The cubes may absorb more of the liquid and the goulash will be thicker, just add a more water or broth when reheating.