Gluten Free Cheese Alternatives

Plant based cheese experience - now also for gluten intolerant connoisseurs. From mild to spicy, tender melting or for cold consumption - our ever-growing vegan cheese counter leaves little to be desired.
Product picture Vegourmet Jeezini Santi
Vegourmet Jeezini Santi, 200g Currently not available
The classic and best-seller in sliced perfection. Santeciano portioned for sandwiches, but also for a quick and tasty toast, - perhaps with Vegourmet cold cuts. Santeciano, new flavor and improved - a pleasure for every occasion.
3.20 EUR
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Product picture Vegourmet Santi
Vegourmet Santi, 400g Currently not available
Vegans, omnivores and those with milk allergies - everyone loves the Vegourmet Santeciano!
6.20 EUR
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Product picture Vegourmet Bianco
Vegourmet Bianco, 400g Available for immediate shipping
Without exaggeration: The first bite into a piece Bianco is a revelation - and a bit later the realization: if only I could stop!
6.20 EUR
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What our customers say about us
Claudia, Salzburg
Claudia, Salzburg I live vegan, because no animal should suffer for my enjoyment. The Vegourmet Veganversand has the perfect assortment for all who, as I do, don\'t want to give up the usual flavors. Recipes and ideas for the vegan lifestyle can be found on my blog. Totally Veg! »
Did you know?

Behind Veganversand Vegourmet stand convinced vegans, who live for their convictions. Here no product sneaks into the assortment, which is not 100% vegan. Here vegan can shop to the heart\'s content – for all areas of daily living.