Gluten Free Meat Substitutes

Here you can find special gluten-free mock meat and fish specialties, ranging from the delicious steak, on to smoked tofu as a light alternative, to the popular dry soy products. Gluten- and lactose-free of course!
Product picture Vegourmet Soy Granulat
Vegourmet Soy Granulat, 500g Currently not available
Soy Granulate: Ideal for vegetarian burgers, ground steaks, pasta Sauce, chili sin carne, fillings, and much more.
2.99 EUR
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Product picture Vegourmet Shredded Soy
Vegourmet Shredded Soy, 500g Currently not available
Shredded Soy: This variation of long pieces of soy is ideal for vegetarian gyros, ragout, stews, chopped meat, and much more.
2.99 EUR
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Product picture Vegourmet Soy Medaillons
Vegourmet Soy Medaillons, 400g Currently not available
Soy Medaillions: Perfect for vegetarian steaks, nuggets, kebabs and much more.
2.59 EUR
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Product picture Vegourmet 'Barbecue Style'
Vegourmet 'Barbecue Style', 140g Available for immediate shipping
The Barbecue Style mix is not only a treat for barbeques: With its balanced seasoning blend it also warms the soul and the stomach on cold and wet days. For grill freaks and those who want to be!
3.50 EUR
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Product picture Soy Steaks Classic
Soy Steaks Classic, 200g Currently not available
This extra large version is well suited for creating vegetarian roulade, cordon bleu, schnitzel, steaks and much more. The ideal meat substitute!
2.95 EUR
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Product picture Falafel
Falafel, 160g Available for immediate shipping
Make quick and easy falafel? Of course with our Falafel mix!
2.19 EUR
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Claudia, Salzburg
Claudia, Salzburg I live vegan, because no animal should suffer for my enjoyment. The Vegourmet Veganversand has the perfect assortment for all who, as I do, don\'t want to give up the usual flavors. Recipes and ideas for the vegan lifestyle can be found on my blog. Totally Veg! »
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